Peter Nijhuis

My name is Peter Nijhuis I am working as an Oracle database administrator since 1991, starting with Oracle 6 dbms. Before I worked as a COBOL programmer on Bull DPS-8 systems from 1986 until 1988. In 1988 I became database administrator on this Bull DPS-8 platform, working with IDS-2 databases.

SQL Integrator

In 1995 I emigrated from the Netherlands to the beautiful island of Curacao and started to work for SQL Integrator, formerly named Francler. My first customer for 7 years was Aqualectra, formerly named Kodela, the Water and Electricity Distibution Company.

In 2002 I moved to UTS, the national telephone company. I was involved in several projects to upgrade applications from Oracle 7 to Oracle 9i and from client/server to Application Server.


DbaBar is a very handy tool to monitor Oracle databases, developed by Belgium company dbmotive. The tool is incorporated as a Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer toolbar and shows overviews and in-depth information of Oracle databases.

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