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Summer Courses in Curaçao

Curaçao, the biggest island of the Netherlands Antilles (444 km²), situated 60 kilometres from the coast of Venezuela in South America, was discovered in 1499 by the Spaniard Alonso de Ojeda and has actually 160,000 inhabitants speaking all fluent Spanish, English, Dutch and Papiamento.

In this paradisiacal island of the Caribbean where the average air temperature is 27ºC, you can learn a language (Spanish, Dutch or English) in 4 weeks and have, after study hours, an unforgettable holyday full of sport, beach & sea adventures. You can spend the afternoons sunbathing, swimming, diving or sailing in the most incredible, dazzling sea. Or getting to know the history, culture and architecture of the island. At night Curaçao offers you all kinds of restaurants and delightful music, concerts, movies & bars.

Willemstad Harbour, Punda and Otrabanda

Unamuno N.V. organises a special citytour for its students to get acquainted with Curaçao’s past and present.

Furthermore, we will provide you a list of families of native speakers of the language you are learning where you can stay for a low price so that you can constantly practice the language.

Students at Unamuno N.V. will get also a special price when taking diving lessons in the afternoons.

Unamuno N.V. organises during July and August summer courses in:


For beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

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